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[o]tter, just when did the alien space orbs arrive at your campsite and did they bring a dish for a potluck supper? And did they hang in a gathered end or bridge hammock between trees, or just hover in mid air between quilts?
It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen! They stopped by on a break between crop circles, apologized for being dishless at a potluck but wouldn’t leave until they learned the secret of the infamous Weenie Wellington. The global concept of Hammock Camping is close but not quite universal yet so they were unprepared gear-wise, a short DIY with a couple of emergency blankets and they were quilted and ready to snooze. Looked like a giant Jiffy Pop actually, the bears were salivating so we had to kick them out?

Ok, a little overboard but I empted one too many Heiney Pots last night so please let this one slide? I'm working on the 11oz cans making "Teiney Pots" since the 24oz are now endangered!

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The funny thing about those space orbs is that they ain't photoshop! lol.
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Painting with light is my guess...or else I reeeeeeally missed out on something.
It is a light painting technique and I was dying to try it, as it turns out its harder than it looks! The guy who invented it took two years to perfect it and now I know why. The background should have more definition. We'll try this again on a clear, full moon night so we have more light to work with.