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    Hola folks, gotta give a shout out to all those who have posted the DIY hammocks on this forum.... YOU ROCK! I figured if it involves a machine, I could figure it out. After a loooonnnng weekend of poly injection (gotta love the terminology), my take on the hammock.

    Took advice from both Knotty and Jeff's tutorials (awesomeness), I picked up 4 yards of 1.9oz black ripstop and proceeded on. After a quick test hang with a gather pattern like Jeff's (W, pulling center and middle), I found that a 1" pull out gave me a great flat ride with 10.5' of material. I then decided if I could get a channel in that shape, I could make a pretty neat end to the hammock.

    Took the thread injector and got to work on the rolled seams, and built a channel in the ends. Ordered me up some Amsteel and weaved up a couple of whoopies (kudos to everyone who posted DIYs), and got it together. Gonna hang with marlin spike poly straps, whoopies, Adjustable amsteel SRL.

    Photos below of the build, gotta get it hung and photoed after it stops raining, but I'm on the road (or about 3' above it). I LUVIN THIS STUFF!

    Gotta love that amsteel stuff... my buds were skeptical that that cord could hold the weight (or maybe just my weight lol), but again, the instructables shown in this forum made it a snap!

    This weekend, gonna make an UQ from recycled SB, ridgeline organizer, Blackbishop Bag, and get to lookin for a good material for a tarp. Most likely will do a diamond cat blue poly tarp to test shape (only $8, time is free when I'm creatin stuff). Can't wait to hit the trees!
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