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    Quote Originally Posted by keys? View Post
    I thought that festival was in september?!!! At any rate, I will be there cannibal and hope to meet you and GD
    You're right; Sept 3-5. Don't know why I thought it was August. Lots of good shows out here during the summer and I'm horribly easy to confuse.

    Not really GD's thing, but who knows, she might be feeling funky.
    Trust nobody!

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    Not going to make it to the Watkin's Glen fest...which sucks because I live literally less than 3 hours away...that area is so beautiful...sooooooooo many wineries...if people need suggestions for wineries there I can help with that...many many wine tours in the Finger Lakes region.

    I will however be at Darien Lake, near Buffalo, NY on June 8th for sure!!!!

    Super Ball IX
    - Phish Watkin's Glen Festival page.

    Wagner Vineyards and Brewery
    - This place truly has great wine and beer!!!

    Glenora Vineyards
    - One of my favorite wineries in the Finger delicious and a great view...and you can eat here and stay there too.

    Bully Hill Vineyards
    - This is a pretty big vineyard...great is ok...definitely on the cheaper side...but they have some good ones.

    Rasta Ranch Vineyards
    - This place you have to check out...definitely a bunch of wine making hippies that run this place...they will prob get you drunk at their tastings...don't have an official site, but this will provide their address...most of their wine is really sweet...but still pretty good...just really sweet...if you like your dry's, then bring your won't find it here.

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