Someone sign me up for a 12 step program, I can't stop!

Loving the way this is going, can't wait to hit the tarp but I'm just a little noodle tired now. After reviewing about 5 or 6 versions of BB Bags here in the forums, hit the injection table again (sewing job #2). Used a couple suggestions here from others to size the bag, placed the hammock in a gallon ziplock to find size, then worked up a square end bag. Put a pocket on the end next to the Whoopie hole (boy, thats fun to say!) and sewed in a bit of web and melted a hole.

Now, a little advice fore I go forward...
I have a 10'x10' 1.3oz blue tarp, thinking about using the cat calculator to cut in the edges and taping up with some blue tarp tape I have laying around. I can quickly sew in some grosgrain loops and reinforcement panels. If the shape is goodly, I can then transfer to real tarp material. Would I be better suited to do a hex cat or diamond?