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    Unhappy new suspension disappointment...

    ok, so i have an eno DN and have the crapstraps. i thought that i would upgrade to the JRB TriGlides and just got them in the mail.

    well, i took them to a friends place with 2 thick trees that ive used before with the SS and it was a good lie.

    so i put the Tri's on differently to see which way was going to be better, either run the strap thru the end and larkshead (per griz's video) and then the other end i had a biner and was hoping to wrap it around the tree and thru the loop.

    well, i got the non biner end on the tree and went to do the other end, and got it up (after some fiddling, first setup and all) and it didnt seem to lay right so i figured it was the different attachment points. so i ran attached the straps the same (griz way) on both ends and wouldnt reach...

    so i took it out back where there was a tree and pole that i knew it would reach, and they kept falling off (on the pole, which ive used with the SS,) even with the strap wrapped twice. any time there wasnt tension on the line they would drop some.

    i it could be me screwing up (completely). i know they are great products, i just wonder if theyre what i needed or if i had different expectations. just to be clear, these are awesome.

    i will be using whatever suspension on urban things as well, like poles and such if it makes a difference.

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    Maybe the weight of the straps is pulling them down. IIRC they are a little heavy. When I have used triglides with polyester webbing they seem to usually stay in place. I may not have noticed them slide down though since I always end up tweaking things and raising and lowering them during set up anyways.
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