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    HH Expedition Asym Zip vs bottom entry

    I think the side entry would be better than bottom entry. What do you guys think? What are the advantages of one over the other. Also, I have read the tarps that come with the HH are too small and people eventually replace them with bigger ones? Will the tarp that comes with the HH keep me dry if it rains.

    For around $150 for HH with bug net and tarp ... are they any better system available?

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    I just got one and the stock tarp covers it great in my opinion. Ive been doing some backyard tests and have not managed to get any water in it.
    I got a good deal on a Bottom entry and plan to add a zipper.
    I hear the bottom entry is great to keeping bugs out when getting in.

    I'm getting another larger HH shortly and plan on having the zipper mod done as well to have both options.

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    It is really personal pref and there are pros and cons for both. But, I think the majority of folks prefer zipper and side entry. Me, I never minded HH bottom entry at all, I just didn't like not being able to reach outside the net.

    It will cost more, and maybe weigh an oz or 2 more, but I think I personally would prefer the bottom entry with a 2Qs zipper mod. First, you keep the option of bottom entry. Think a dew soaked tarp pitched really close to the hammock in a storm. Will you have to rub against the wet tarp trying to get in from the side? Also, nothing snaps closed faster than the bottom entry if the Mossies are chasing you into your hammock!
    But mainly. I think the 2Q mod is better than the HH zipper. Better for being able to get the net completely out of the way if you need/want to do that. (think PeaPod )

    Course, even with the 2q mod, some folks don't want a bottom entry and have it sewn closed.

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    I chose the zip entry, it seemed theoretically to give easier insulation possibilities. However, it does introduce a potential point of failure. Zips break at the most inconvenient time (at least, they do for me). Here in the NE the night raiders are not too bad and you're never more than a couple of miles from civilization so you can walk out if something breaks. Maybe in the jungle with some frightful night raiders I would want the extra reliability of the bottom entry. I use the PU hex tarp for car camping as it provides more privacy in a crowded site. For backpacking I will use an asym to save weight. All users on the forum report that they keep you dry. I have yet to use the asym in the rain. I will say that the HH hex tarp sets really easily for a taut pitch and gives a nice porch mode for e.g. cooking in the rain. Which tarp you choose depends on the type of camping you do, and the weight you are prepared to carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDA View Post
    All users on the forum report that they keep you dry.
    Which forum is this?

    Many, many people have complained around here about getting wet from wind-blown rain in their HH's with the craptacular stock tarp.

    Hell, I've gotten wet in serious wind blown rain with a large hex tarp, and had to rig up my poncho to block the end that I stupidly pitched into the direction of the wind.

    As far as the original question - zip vs bottom entry... Most seem to prefer the zip entry, but there are benefits to both.

    Zip pros:
    - easy to reach out for gear
    - easy to adjust your insulation
    - more natural entry / exit without ducking under the hammock
    - more versatile - leave the net open if it's not buggy, and enjoy better airflow

    Bottom entry pros:
    - potentially allows less mosquitoes in
    - allows your tarp to be pitched much closer to the hammock
    - sometimes the only option for people who, for whatever reason, have difficulty getting into a side-loading hammock

    I personally love using a side-entry hammock, but I like being able to reach out of the hammock and grab things out of my pack, or stay inside my sleeping bag while I start up the hot water for my morning coffee. It all comes down to personal preferences. After trying one, I'd never buy a bottom-entry hammock.

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    Zipper Good and Bad

    I started with bottom entry and have progressed to side entry.

    I love the side entry because it is much easier to set my gear into and then lie into with my gear moving.

    One small disadvantage is rezipping and unzipping from inside. Can be a small pain in the neck.

    Still, side-entry for me.
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    I am one of those who are very partial to the bottom entry. As stated above I can not get out of a side or top entry hammock due to mobility impairments. I have tried both. For my home sleeper I was able to rig an assist line to help me get out. But in the woods that would not ba as reasonable a solution for me. The bottom entry is all I can use.
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    i am a new Owner of the Hennessy Explorer Asym Zip.
    For several times i have the chance to test the bottom entry.
    three points are better with a zipper.
    First you can put your sleeping back and other better in, from the side. I find it easier.
    Second you can sitting in the Hammock very comfortable when the bugnet its open. In the bottom HH you must sitting on the Bucknet and you canīt get anything something from the inside.
    The last is you can in the Zipper HH lie and have bugnet open and drink you Coffee in the HH.

    The Tarp is to small thats the only minus by the HH.

    Regards Dirk

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    personally i like the flexibility of the zip side entry. Being able to push the bug netting aside when not needed is nice.

    As for the tarp...I am opting for the the new monsoon. Having the option to use the "blast doors" for a full enclosure gives another level of flexibility to the system.

    my $0.02

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    +1 to the idea of purchasing the bottom entry and then going with a 2QZQ mod.

    I've got the stock bottom entry Explorer at the moment. I like the bottom entry because it keeps me from having to fuss with the tarp getting in and out of the hammock.

    I do agree with biggest issue is with not being able to pass stuff easily in/out of the hammock. I like the idea of being able to do either, at will.
    Hence, I'll be going with the zipper mod and keeping the bottom entry as soon as I've got funds.

    Since I like having a tarp big enough to seriously cover my hammock, I went with the HH hex upgrade for free on my Explorer...and having the bottom entry means I can have good weather coverage and no issues with fighting with the entry and tarp together.

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