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    personally i like the flexibility of the zip side entry. Being able to push the bug netting aside when not needed is nice.

    As for the tarp...I am opting for the the new monsoon. Having the option to use the "blast doors" for a full enclosure gives another level of flexibility to the system.

    my $0.02

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    +1 to the idea of purchasing the bottom entry and then going with a 2QZQ mod.

    I've got the stock bottom entry Explorer at the moment. I like the bottom entry because it keeps me from having to fuss with the tarp getting in and out of the hammock.

    I do agree with biggest issue is with not being able to pass stuff easily in/out of the hammock. I like the idea of being able to do either, at will.
    Hence, I'll be going with the zipper mod and keeping the bottom entry as soon as I've got funds.

    Since I like having a tarp big enough to seriously cover my hammock, I went with the HH hex upgrade for free on my Explorer...and having the bottom entry means I can have good weather coverage and no issues with fighting with the entry and tarp together.

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