How's it hangin guys? I've been lurking around for a week now and I've fallen in love with the idea of camping in a hammock. I was loading my pack for a trip last week and as I lifted my tent to pack it away I looked at it and wondered why I had to hump such a bulky pain-in-the-A around on my back just to have a comfortable night's sleep in the wilderness. You fine folks (especially shug's 10-part mini series on how to hang for newbs) have convinced me that the hammock might be the solution I'm looking for.

I'm planning on purchasing an ENO doublenest as my first hammock. I've read most of the threads about suspension (no slapstraps) and tarp/TQ/UQ options but any general advice/words of wisdom/encouragement you'd like to pass along would be more than welcome.

A bit about myself:
I live in the heart of Philadelphia, so I'm a total concrete warrior. Don't have much opportunity to sleep out without a readily accessible state park (for the guys in PA I love Nockamixon which is close but still an hour away) but I feel like the hammock might offer more in terms of versatility and "stealth" so that I might actually be able to go down to one of the smaller local parks and sneak a night out without actually being seen. Anyways, I'm gonna stop talking and finish this order on Amazon. Good to be here.