hey everyone just making a quick post!

I first got into camping 2 years ago. My first time camping was in a tent with my friend. He is like a pro. He tought me everything i know to date and does trail crews reguraly. so back to me. i bought my first hammock just over a year ago. It was a hammock bliss with a mosquito net. And went camping in it once becasue i got into it on the mosquito net side late at night and it tore. then after that i was on the look for a new hammock. later my friend told me about the HH hammocks and i did some resherch and finaly bought one. and man am i happy i got that. i still have it today with some mods that my friend did. he replaced the rope at the end with amsteel and a kind of not that allows you to shorten it or legnthin it. and so thats pretty much where i am today. currently i am looking at underquilts and the HH SuperShelter and trying to decide which one is better. if anyone has any advice for me plz let me know.