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    Two Tiny Tarp Projects And Some Questions

    I have 2 items that I want to modify with some tie-outs.

    1. One is a 5' by 7' Polyeurathane coated Outdoor Products Tarp (currently my avatar photo, but this will change in the future) that I want to sew grosgrain ribbon ties about 9 inches long for each end, placed on the center top and a few places around the tarp on the outside edges and the corners instead of using any of the 6 grommets on the edges of the tarp.

    How I have avoided using some of the grommets directly on this tarp before, or at least spreading the stress load on them was to use a length of paracord with loops tied in various even spaces along that cord and threaded them in a zig-zag fashion through the grommets and out the ends. It worked to some degree, but not as well as it could be if I had tie-outs on this tarp. Not only that, but tie-outs would allow more configuration options.

    What would be the best type of thread and needle size for sewing the tie-outs to this tarp?


    2. The second project is to sew some tie-outs on a 5' by 8' Sil-Nylon Equinox Poncho Tarp in the locations of the material tabs that stick out near the side snaps. I might not necessarily want to use grosgrain here and my options might be to use some more strips of sil-nylon ribbon or sew the tabs folded over into loops to give me more configuration options. No ties will be needed in any center areas of the poncho.

    The same questions apply as for the first project.

    I do not know how to use a sewing machine very well and the only one that works in my house at the moment is a junky Singer Tiny Tailor which it says to use a Singer #14 machine needle only, picked up for near free at junk store.

    I am thinking sewing by hand is a better option.

    I want to cut my teeth on these 2 little projects before I head into doing anything on my larger Chinook tarp which I have put off for a year.
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    Yes, 100% Polyester Thread. Either Tex 30 or 40 will be fine for thread size. Your #14 needle will be fine as well.

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    If you can find them... use a #14 "sharp". If you can not a "universal" point will do. Do NOT use a "ballpoint" needle. If you have doubts about your machine handling the poly.. turn the fly wheel by hand. Run it first to make sure you turn the proper direction. That will still be faster than hand sewing with a better stitch and more consistency unless you are already a superb hand stitcher.
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