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    Lightest & Simplest Suspension (beginner here)

    New to the forums and new to hammocking, this looks like it's going to be fun. After watching the great GrizzlyAdams videos and doing a good bit of reading through the forums, I think I want to take my usual approach when starting something new, the old keep it simple stupid.

    So, two questions, and thanks much for any help!

    1.) I want a very cheap hammock (that won't fall apart after day one) just to hang up in the backyard for some afternoon lounging and trying out the things I'm learning here. Any suggestions better than the Byer Traveller Lite?

    2.) What is the lightest and simplest suspension method out there? I'm a big fan of multiple uses for things, and a bit of an ultralighter, are there going to be any major problems with this setup?

    2 6' lengths of webbing (1" width, just straight pieces/no sewn in loops, these are the "tree huggers")
    2 15' lengths of cord (Amsteel Blue)

    That's it. Tie fig8 loops on all ends of the webbing, wrap the webbing around the tree, one end of the webbing through the other. Bowline the cord to the hammock end (assuming the hammock has loops already, like the Byer traveller lite does), then pass the cord through the webbing loop, truckers hitch it tight and done. I guess you could use cord only to make it simpler, but I want to keep damage to trees minimal, and it seems that is one of the main reasons for using webbing.

    Any reasons this just won't work? Again lightweight and simple are my goals starting out. Thanks guys

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    No real problems as far as I can see, just something you should be aware of. When you hang a hammock tight (as I think you are suggesting with the trucker's hitch) it will tend to roll up tightly around you. It won't allow you to lie on the diagonal which means you won't be lying flat. It might be comfortable to relax in, but I don't know about sleeping. To prevent this you could try tying it more loosely, but you might not be able to get high enough to avoid hitting the ground. The alternative is to use a ridgeline, which allows the hammock to hang loosely while the suspension is tight, because the two hammock ends are a fixed distance apart. Not to say there is something wrong with what you have suggested and I think you should definitely try it. That's actually how I started out, but I have since got myself a ridgeline hammock and am much more comfortable. Just consider it for the future, it would be pretty easy to add to the hammock you suggested.

    As for the simplicity of the suspension, that depends on how you define simplicity. While I suppose a single unmodified piece of rope is simple, but I tend to prefer a whoopie sling system which is very fast and easy to set up. I recently made my first set and it was easier than I expected. Again, not saying that it would be better for you, just something to consider.

    The best thing you can do is try out a few of the different ideas and find out what works for you. Good luck and I hope you enjoy hanging

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    Welcome to the forums.

    If the goal is simplicity/ease of setup, I recommend having one end of each of the webbing having a loop for either a dutch clip or carabiner and using that to clip around the webbing as it comes out from the other side of the tree (far easier/less time consuming that slipping the whole length through). You also want the webbing to be polyester over nylon due to stretch.

    Using a straight line can be simple once made a whoopie sling is easier/simpler to use (making it can be a pain but they can also be bought made, I know whoopieslings and AHE both make them, I think JRB does as well and probably more than that. If you do go that route you will want a toggle for a marlinspike hitch for the straps to whoopie attachment.

    Hammock wise that should work (no experience with them, but REI normally doesn't sell junk and has a good warranty). I know simple hammock wise alot use ENO double nests (which are on sale at REI but cost more than that). You also may want to look into using a ridgeline (RL) as it makes it easier to set it up with the same sag every time you hang it up.
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    hi, for the same price you could go lighter with the grand trunk ultralight or nano. i too use amsteel made into whoopies, webbing just like what you described and aluminium toggles for suspension. some use dynaglide to go even lighter. my gt ul w/ suspension is under 14oz and simple to set up. adding a ridge line is also easy.

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    Simplest and lightest??

    2 options come to mind:

    1. Whoopie Sling suspension
    2. UCR suspension

    The UCR suspension will be marginally lighter than a whoopie sling suspensnion. The weight difference would probably only matter to a super SUL person that cuts off the handles of toothbrushes. If you use Dynaglide for your suspension, then the weight difference for a 20' tree span is probably going to be less than 1 oz. If you use 7/64" or 1/8" diameter rope, then the weight difference is going to be closer to 1 oz, but probably not much over 1 oz.

    The UCR suspension is, however, going to be slightly more complex than the whoopie sling suspension and more finicky if not constructed properly and the probability of getting dumped is over 90% if you do not construct it properly. Not trying to scare you away from the UCR suspension since the directions for constructing it properly are well documented on the forums and simple to implement.

    My bias is the whoopie sling suspension.

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    Yeah, turn that amsteel into 2 whoopies (once you've got them, adjusting is a breeze). As for the huggers: around the tree, and through the figure eight is just fine. From there, I would marlinspike hitch the hugger, and hang your whoopie from it. Super-crazy simple, and pretty darned light weight
    You're gonna need a bigger hammock

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