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    DIY 'stocky' indoor hammock?

    Hello chaps,

    Who has had experience with wide and relatively short hammocks?

    I've just moved into a new apartment and the room is small, Im keen to get rid of the bed altogether to free up some space. For the time being I'll use my camping gathered end but I'd like to make one out of cotton or another natural material.

    How wide can I go with the fabric? I figure I can get a 3m length. Wider should be more comfortable, right? I saw some at 120" width?

    Anyone got pointers?

    Ps I think I'll try and source bamboo locally after seeing turtlelady's awesome stand!

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    If you need a shorter hammock you might look at a bridge design. They are much shorter than a gathered end. Just a few inches longer than your height rather than a few feet. Of course the suspension adds additional length but it can still end up significantly shorter.
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