After a lot of reading, research, and back yard testing, I finally did an overnight hang -- actually two overnight hangs.

I set up a Grand Trunk double with a ridge line, using 1/8" Amsteel Blue and a couple of stainless rings. Since I'm not backpacking, I retained the metal hardware. The rings are tethered to each metal clip so that I can disconnect them and slide the snakeskins I made down over the hammock without having to stow the ridge line separately. I have about twenty feet of Amsteel connected to each end for lines. My tree straps are from Harbor Freight tiedowns, and my tarp is a 14' diamond fly from Sportsmans Guide.

I am currently using two unzipped sleeping bags -- an older mummy bag under me as a pad, and a square bag over me as a quilt. I sleep at an angle of about 45 degrees in the hammock, seemingly pretty flat.

Everything works pretty well, but there are a few wrinkles left to iron out. The suspension works well, although I think that I want to increase the size of the shackles so that the amsteel isn't wrapped around such a small diameter.

My "underquilt" causes me the most difficulty, mostly from the difficulty of getting it aligned. It wants to align along the axis of the hammock rather than under my spine where I want it. It also compresses too much. I think that a true underquilt will solve this problem.

My tarp gave me good coverage, but is definitely more breezy than a tent.

The first night was perfect. Once I got the underquilt aligned, I slept more comfortably than I normally do at home. The wind didn't bother me. Everything was great -- until I finally forced myself out of bed in the morning. Halfway out of the hammock, I got a cramp in my lower leg and went sprawling on my face, right in front of half a dozen spectators.

The second night wasn't as good. I had dropped the sides of the diamond fly to lessen the wind, and it cramped me as I was trying to align the lower pad. As a result, I wasn't as careful. Also, the wind deflected the fly until it bore on the ridge line, and bounced the hammock all night long, and the wind seemed to be funneled into the hammock. I think that experimenting with different setups will help this.

All in all, both nights were good. I have a ruptured disk, bursitis, and carpal tunnel. Both mornings found me awake with much less pain than I normally suffer when sleeping in a regular bed. The concept looks like a keeper!