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The hammock I made for my son is 10.5' and he is roughly 40" tall. The hammock is 60" wide. I put him to bed and set him at an angle, maybe 40 deg. When I check on him during the night and morning, he is almost always perpendicular to the hammock ridge line.

Since it's been only a week since he's been sleeping in it, does he eventually get to this point because it's more comfy or because his weight shifts him to that position?

I have always thought about making a hammock wider than I am tall and see how it feels. But most fabrics are only 60-65" wide. I'm 74" tall. Hense my dilemma. I have thought about sewing two together, but I just haven't yet. Would the seem detract from the comfort? I know I can't be the only one to think of this?
I made a 2m/ 79" wide 3.5m long hammock from 79" wide 1.0 ripstop. Its very comfy asym but you cant lie perpendicular very well-too much of a curve