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    1st Overnight Hang in my HH Hyperlite Zip Report w/ Photos - MN

    To start off, Iím new to hammock camping but I have put my time in reading a lot of the posts on the hammock forums. Iím still learning some of the tricks of the trade and will be taking a 5 night trip in the Ely, MN area in two weeks so I need to learn quickly.
    My first chance to test out my HH Hyperlite Zip was this memorial weekend. I purchased some whoopie slings and swapped out the standard suspension. I then sent back the standard tarp that comes with the Hyperlite for the HH Hex 70D. I just felt that I needed some more coverage for the Minnesota weather. I watched a bunch of Shugís videos to get an idea how to hang the tarp and it really helped. I also purchased the HH radiant double bubble pad for some insulation. My sleeping bag is rated to 40 degrees and it only got down to the low to mid 50ís so I was plenty warm. I slept very well other than having to adjust my bubble pad a few times. I have to say that sleeping in a hammock is much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground and in a tent. It rained a little bit that evening and I had zero worries about getting wet being under the Hex tarp. It covers very well and so far Iím glad I made the switch even though itís heavier. In the morning my wife brought my 10 month old daughter down to lay with me. Itís never too early to get Ďem started! Overall, Iím happy with the Hyperlite on my first over-night hang and I had a beautiful sunset to take in before heading to bed.
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