I'm still in the planning stages of making my first hammock... only because I'm still without a sewing machine.
However, the forced pause is providing me more opportunity to come up with ideas. I have decided, since I have only found 1.1oz DWR ripstop nylon so far, that I should go ahead and make some double hammocks. (I'll be making at least three, one for me, my girlfriend, and for my sister.)
I think that I like the zHammock design, at least for the first one. I can change it for the following ones if I so desire.

Anyway, the point of this thread is to ask what sort of hem everyone uses. Do you just use a folded hem (fold the fabric and sew through the two layers) or a rolled hem (fold the fabric twice and sew through all three layers, the edge hidden on the inside)?

The DWR seems to fray fairly easily. Even through I sealed the edges with my lighter, I don't want to take the chance of it fraying any more, and thought that the rolled hem would be better at this. However, the folded hem would be much faster...