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Im in no matter the weather and since your my paddling partner I hate to tell ya this you are too.

Seriously though we arent gonna do anything silly but a little, hell even alot of rain has never stopped me from enjoying myself. I have a fair bit of exp in all types of weather including some pretty wicked storms on some very big lakes.

I'll go rain or shine for sure. I just don't have as much experience on the water as I do on land in bad weather so I wanted to know if there was a point where we needed to consider other options is all. I'm happy to get wet by rain or lake water. I wrinkle as good as anyone.

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Weather wont be a deterrent for me ether, it never is. I've been on several trips this year where there was at least one full day+ of adverse conditions and had a blast on all of them, I'm committed!
When do we need to get you back to the asylum?