Howdy, I just recently "discovered" this great forum. I've been a long time hammock fan. I first started using a hammock when I was with the U.S. Army Light Infantry in Panama back in the 80's.

Fast forward to today. I am looking for a hammock that I can use on my upcoming, gov't sponsored trip to a certain SW Asian country that is known for it's poppy production and high mountains. Not many trees to string up a hammock, but I've been known to string one up between two trucks.

Some criteria:
- Would like an attached bug screen.
- Would prefer a removable rain tarp.
- Would prefer side, zipper access to the hammock.
- Have been thinking that I could use the hammock on a cot as a bug screen when not actually strung-up.
- Preferably in "tactical" colors, i.e. olive drab, tan, brown. Not too interested in camo, I would like to use the hammock for backpacking trips with the family and with my boy's Scout Troop.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Take care,