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    Smile WTB Summer size lightweight tarp.

    G'Evening Gent's(n'Gal's)

    HHHHEEELLLPPP!!! My giant volume tarp is killing me!

    Anybody have a summer size tarp that's collecting dust? I'm looking for, something like a WB Edge or MacCat Micro size and shape wise and only in subdued colors please(no bright or signal colors) as i primarily stealth camp.
    Sil-nylon will do just fine, as i am broke, but desperate for a lighter and more compact alternative(i have a 29oz PU coated monster, in the same size as mentioned above, thats taking up as much space as my Winter Incubator - it gotta go!!!).

    Please PM me if you have a lonely tarp that needs a loving home(i'll promise it'll see lot's of trail time - min. 1 night per week, year round, and lot's of quality time with a lot of other nice gear)
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