Hey guys & Gals,

I've been lurking for better than a year. Last year I intended to start, getting a ENO doublenest and a JRB 11x10 tarp. But I got my girls up in the snow and put up a four season tent instead.

Later in the spring I got a cheap hammock with bug net (which my youngest daughter flipped while at Yellowstone, ripping out the bug net!).

I camped this year in about 2' of snow in a four person tent, still scared to hang in the freezing cold.

Last week I went and bought another couple of ENO doubles and got my friend to get one. We all slept out (4 hammocks, 5 people) over Memorial day weekend here in Washington State. I ended up selling one of the ENOs to another friend.

I've been reading a lot and watching Shug, HammockProf and Kayt's videos.

I had some questions that I haven't seen an answer to:

Aysmmetrical hang - Does my ENOs do this, or does it have something to do with how the hammock material is gathered in the end, or something to do with the ridgeline or with the differential cut when the hammock is assembled? I saw that the HH and the WBBB both mention it. I was looking at the HH Deep Jungle Asym double layer XL with zipper and the WBBBs. Anyone used both? What's the difference?

I saw that a lot of people are going to woopie slings for weight savings. Is that as fast to set up as straps and beaners?

Should I get snake skins for my JRB tarp - will it save me a lot of time and effort folding my silon tarp?

I have 4 kids. I was thinking of taking my 13 yoa girl hanging, but can I put the tarp over both of us and stay dry? I was looking at Clark's double, but I'd rather not spend the money. Anyone have advice on how to hang two hammocks side by side under one 10x11 tarp?

Will I notice a difference in the hang of a ENO Double and a WBBB?

Thanks for the info!!!