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Should I get snake skins for my JRB tarp - will it save me a lot of time and effort folding my silon tarp?
If your thinking of DIYing some skins, I'd suggest making a single skin from noseeum. Much easier than two IMO. And make it a uniform width, about 4-5" finished.

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I have 4 kids. I was thinking of taking my 13 yoa girl hanging, but can I put the tarp over both of us and stay dry? I was looking at Clark's double, but I'd rather not spend the money. Anyone have advice on how to hang two hammocks side by side under one 10x11 tarp?
Absolutely! The spreader bars I did work great for my daugter and I. The thread has already been referenced above. We camped in wet weather about 3 weeks ago and stayed dry.

As far as bugnets go. Take a look at bugsocks. They're easy to use, and easier to make. Papa Smurf has a good one. http://www.mydiygear.com/pages/proje...on/bugsock.php

Glad to have you on board. Let us know how things work out.