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    HH Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip or HH Expedition Asym Zip

    I'm planning to get the HH Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip or HH Expedition Asym Zip. Whichever I get, I think I'll be getting the 70d hex fly.
    Is it worth it to get the heavier Expedition that can hold up to 250lbs. instead of the lighter Ultralite Backpacker that can only hold 200 lbs.? I'm around 5'11" and weigh around 165 lbs, and am considering the possibility of keeping my roughly 40 lbs. pack and boots in my hammock with me at night in order to keep critters from bothering them. I don't know how else to protect them during the night, though I realize that I could put my food up a tree, but I would like to avoid doing that, except for bear and moose areas.
    What's your feeling about getting the heavier hammock in order to keep my boots and pack (and maybe food) in the hammock with me?


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    well one thing to start with. if i were you I would buy a JRB packcover/gear hammock and use that to hold your pack in. also you can tie your boots to the ridgeline right at the foot of the hammock . I would keep all that stuff in your hammock. that extra weight would definently effect your lay. another thing is at 5'11 your close to the height range on both of those hammocks. im also 5'11 and I do sleep great in my expedition but Id like to try a longer one like the explorer ultralight. also are you completely sure you dont want the bottom entry? it makes it nice for doing your boots out the hammock . I love the bottom entry. also this is just my opinion. I hope some of this helps you man
    Dale Gribble: I'm thinking, "new hammock." For me, laying and swaying in a hammock is like a steady morphine drip without the risk of renal failure.

    Randy : yea but just remember yer roots and where ya come got Hennessy in yer blood son......

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    i couldn't really imagine bringing all that stuff in my hmmk-o-comfort.

    i'm 5'8" 155lbs. and have the hh ul bp. i love it, though even for me... it fits just right. compared to my wbbb, it feels small, even though its not.

    i'd say if you're carrying and sleeping with 40lbs.. go for the expedition, the extra oz.s won't matter. - although i think the ul bp would work fine.

    **my hh was modded by 2qzq, and i left the bottom entry option in. have tried it-- probably will never use it. the side zip is just better, imho


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    I just got my HH exp today and set it up. Im 5' 11" as well and at 175lbs. Laying in it is definitely comfortable for me but I can't see putting gear in it (agreed Rip Waverly). The only diference between the UL and Exp would be wear/tear factor and weight. The extra OZs on the EXP is OK by me. I am not doing more than a few trips a year (right now).

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    If there are others that are using the HHULBA that are also nearly 6ft tall than maybe it's doable. But, in my opinion a longer hammock would be more comfortable.

    +1 on just hanging your shoes/boots from the ridgeline. Except for camp shoes I always do that.
    +1 on a gear hammock even though I've never used one. I simply hang my backpack from the tree on the headend or footend so that I have access to the contents. Depending on where I'm hanging the last thing I do before turning in is to hang the whole backpack up high like I do with my foodbag.

    I don't know what sort of critters are typical in the areas that you camp but the places that I camp are almost always black bear, or coyote or wild pig county so I never keep any smellables in my sleeping quarters. Whether it be a tent or hammock. Hence the reason for hanging my whole backpack and not just the food.

    I think that the first time you try sleeping with your backpack etc., in the hammock you will realize that your comfort is more important since there are other ways of keeping critters out of your stuff.

    OK, good luck and enjoy your hang


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