Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I'm a new hammock guy, and have been really interested in them since I found a some vids on YouTube. I started with a Grand Trunk UL but it was too short for me, and I'm a short guy 5'8", but they are great for the kids. So I bought some ripstop and went to town making hammocks. I usually use 4 yards per 'mock. Gathered end style, 3 so far, all with paracord as suspension. They work great. I have only hung twice over night in the backyard at this point, and am learning lots each time.

The first time with my daughter (2 weeks ago) it got down into the low 30's. I was warm for the most part except the wind was blowing right through the ends of my tarp and pounding me in the face...burr. My daughter didn't have that problem because of the way we hung hers. We were both on foam pads, and in sleeping bags.

Last night my son and I camped out. I figured out how to close the ends of the tarps and didn't feel wind at all. It being Wyoming, the gusts were in the 40's but it was not felt at all. Good nights sleep. I will say that "nature calls" breaks are a pain. Especially when using pads and sleeping bags. Definitely need to look into quilts. Getting settled in again is a PIA.

I am going to stay out again tonight I think, and learn even more.

Take care all.