I've just fitted a whoopie SRL to my whoopie all-in-one slings by connecting the SPR between the two rings. This seems to work great and I set the line to 83% of the overall length (ring to ring). However when I did a test hang today the SRL was very tight. I had to lenghthen the SRL quite a bit to reduce the tension.

I've seen some videos and read that I should be able to bend the SRL between my fingers when I'm in the hammock to set the right amount of tension.

Todays set up made me think about a few things though; if the ridgeline length stays the same length between hangs, the tension will vary depending on the distance between the two trees and the height of the straps as both of these factors will affect the angle of the slings and the workload placed on the SRL. The angle of the slings today was less than 30 degrees, so more stress was placed on the SRL.

Should I worry about tension in the SRL or should I just find the sweet spot and forget about it?