Hello everybody. My name is Kurt. I live in Nashville, but I am originally from south central Kentucky. I am in the process of being converted. I just recently got an HH Expedition from REI. I wish I had come here first and did a little research before I got it. I froze my buns off the first night in it and was very uncomfortable. I also didn't love the bottom entry so I took it back.

However I have not given up on Hammock camping. I just love the idea of being off the ground and the hammock also Just seems cool to me with all the different suspension methods and tarps. I love gadgets and the hammock seems to make use of all sorts of gadgets.

My first real job was with a company called Crown Tent and Awning. I have not sewn in a long time, but I know how and maybe one day I can put my old skills back to use.