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    Newb Help

    Hello all,

    I've been lurking for a while and have a few questions that I'm having trouble finding answers to..

    First: Most of the tarps that I've seen made are great, although don't meet my specific needs, my dilemma is the rip stop that I am seeing used as well as what I can find is generally not wide enough for my usage. Where can I find materials at a reasonable price that would be at least 8 foot wide?

    Second: I must be missing something, but since switching to whoopie slings (thanks to this forum), I'm not seeing any benefit to using anything else for virtually any usage. Am I missing something as to why so many people are using a plethora of knots and lines their tarps/hammocks?

    Lastly... Is there a list on the website of all best places to by all the materials that are discussed? Perhaps a master list of suppliers?

    Thanks in advance...

    Tight Lines,


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    First - Most of the tarps you see that people have which are 10+ feet wide, especially DIY ones, are all made by sewing several pieces together. I have two bolts of 60" wide nylon I plan on sewing together for a 10' wide tarp. It is 15' long so some cutting will happen before, during and after, to get it just what I want. Using the 'thread injector' (aka sewing machine) isn't hard and can be fun when you are making something for your self to really use.

    Second - This is a to each his own question. While I use and adore my whoopie slings, I still use webbing and Marlin Spike Hitches to attach to the tree. Each person will use what they are comfortable with in each situation. I keep a couple of pieces of cord with me so if I need more length for what ever, I will have it and the know skills will come to bear. Otherwise it is a quick hook, hitch and hang. Some people prefer ropes to webbing and tie a lot of knots. Some prefer Dutch Clips or biners and webbing.

    Find what works for you and go with it until you find something you like better. Go to a hang with other members if you can 'swing' it. You will learn a lot.

    Welcome to the funny farm/ club/ forum. Check out Shug's and Grizzly (Professor Hammock)'s YouTube videos for lots of good starting info. Then read yourself into insensibility here!!

    Happy Hanging,
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