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    It was a pleasure meeting some of you, I had a great time at my first hang! Sooooo many people at the hang, I barely had time to meet half of you all!

    It was cool seeing all the different setups, talking gear for hours on end, and catching random plumes of 900 fp down that floated through the air.

    Many thanks to all that donated and organized the event.

    Can't wait to get out on the trail and try some of the new ideas I've seen and hike with some of the new friends I made!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G.L.P. View Post
    i got home around 10:30 this morning .. Had a great time was nice to see old friends and Make new ones
    i got to meet Adam LOL and a few other new faces
    can wait to see some of you on the 12th
    the temps drops pretty low on Sat night when i got up around 4AM it was in the High 20's according to my little thermometer .. all i know it was COLD LOL
    thanks to ALL the vendors and members who put gear into the raffle and thank you to everyone that cooked and helped out I had a great time and to 2QzQ for setting everything up... i hope we have it there again i really like PGFSP
    i scored some new JRB gear

    Sweet really? I was in my WB BB using a 4season thermarest and in my 20 degree bag and I was warm. Cool...

    I have a question for you too, I would like to make a cover (that fits over the bug net) similar to yours. (To hold heat in) Do you mind emailing me some pictures of it? Thanks!

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