Aloha everyone,

Greetings from Hawaii. I am a self proclaimed gear junkie and before purchasing my first hammock I decided to perform the arduous task of researching products. Ever since I slept in a friend's hammock (eno double nest), Ive been sold. I was going to just settle with a double nest for myself but I decided to dig deeper into your "hanger" ways. So far, Ive been learning a lot of things by just rummaging through various threads and watching youtube videos.

About a month ago, me and my friends did a weekend hunting trip where I packed in a POS two man tent. To say the least, the tent added a lot of weight to my already heavy pack, fell in the wind, leaked, and put me on a bunch of ironwood seeds and needles. Im a college student on a college budget so buying top of the line backpacking tents is hard to do. I said enough is enough, Im buying a good hammock so I dont have to carry this thing around.

I am 5'10.5", 230#. Wondering if you guys got any suggestions for me or could point me in some good directions. In the meantime Ill be reading up around the forums. Thanks for any tips you can give me.