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    Video : A Hardware Free Detachable Hammock Suspension

    With the flurry of posts on ways of connecting up suspension systems, I got to thinking about how to bring together whoopie slings, a structural ridgeline, and cord-based attachment of the hammock ends in such a way that the hammock can be clipped on and off easily. Naturally, soft shackle ideas are at the heart of it----instead of making an SMC ring or biner of some heritage the central connecting point, you make a diamond knot the central connecting point. You can pull out all the stops and make a complete strap-to-strap system doing this (i.e. "All in one" suspension), without using metal anywhere.

    There is no compelling reason to do this, it's just a fun system to cook up for the individual who likes to build gear, and likes the esthetics of splicing and using spliced systems.

    In a bid to create the most awkward acronym yet for a suspension system, I dub this the Hardware Free Detachable Hammock Suspension (HFDHS).

    If you don't have 15 minutes to kill on a video, the idea is simple and obvious---when you make your whoopie slings, put a diamond knot at the end rather than a fixed eye. That knot serves as a jam for a continuous cord loop that is girth hitched onto the hammock end, and has a special sliding knot that closes off the loop at the diamond knot. The diamond knots work well also for jamming looped ends of an adjustable ridgeline.

    OK, for those with time to kill...

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