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What if instead of a continuous loop with a sliding whip knot below the apex, you did a straight length of cord to form the suspension triangle, with the cord ends at the apex? You could then have eyes on both ends, both with whip knots, and loop both eyes over the diamond knot?
yep. That'd work.

I'm still learning about bridge suspensions. Is there an advantage to a single line for the triangle as opposed to two separate matched cords attached to the hammock?
The main thing for me is that I can get the two sides almost exactly the same length when I have one piece, by moving the lark's head that joins it at the middle. Takes more measurement and care to make two cord exactly the same length. One approach is something TeeDee did I think, to finish the hammock ends of those cords in whoopie slings to make it adjustable.

...And Grizz, would you recommend using the type of eye you did in the video for attaching to the soft shackles near the hammock, or would you use the new whip knot eye for both ends of each cord?
I'll stick to the old way at that place. The slider makes it easier to separate hammock and suspension, but I rarely do that on a bridge hammock. And that pass through eye is trivial to make.

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So, Grizz is becoming the anti-Dutch...
So maybe me and Dutch are the ying and yang of hammocking.

better still, Twiddle Dum and Twiddle Dumber

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With all the talk about knots derating amsteel, is there a reason to be concerned?
I've use soft shackles with no problems so I'm not particularly worried but others may be. I just made a couple things you showed and found it very fun to fiddle.
Others have made this point before but it bears repeating. Most diameters of this cord are really strong,---50% of 2000 lb test is plenty strong enough. I'm not too concerned about knots in a suspension made of 1/8" Amsteel, at all. 7/64" is weaker, but I still put knots in it. Dynaglide only starts at about 1000 lb, and so degrading takes one there into fewer digits of test strength than I want to routinely trust.

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I just don't think we should be encouraging him. We started hardware free, it was called Hennessy suspension.
shucks, you ain't seen nuthin' yet. For my next trick I'm going to make a pack-free hammocking system. Ha! You don't think so??? Why I'll just make my hammock so you can dual use it as a pack. So there!