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    quick tarp question

    Hey everyone,
    I just received an Eno Doublenest as a gift..and after reading a million posts about tarps have narrowed my selection to either the 8x10 or 12x10 here , since I prefer the camo design. Being in Cali I dont get much rain, but when it does come its usually with a good delta breeze here. The price difference is too small to worry over and weight is not much of an issue for me, so my first thought was go with the 12x10 for more coverage when that rain is horizontal.

    Being as green as they come I thought I'd see if there was some obvious fact I had overlooked that would make the decision easy.

    Thanks to all..and thanks for all the fascinating posts. Started reading after dinner and forcing myself to sleep at 5 a.m. now with visions of a million different hammocks and configurations.

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    If weight isn't an issue, get the biggest one you can get I have a 12x12 for kayak camping, and LOVE IT!
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