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    SOLD: Hammock socks, ring and cinch buckles

    I am trying to decide whether or not to offer weather covers (socks) and ring and cinch buckles for sale outside of my local friends. I have made several socks, one piece and two piece, and many ring buckles and cinch buckles to help my friends get going.
    If you are interested in buying one of these I could post more pictures. If I find an interest exists, I will put some prices down. I only want to do these two things, no tarps, quilts, packs, or hammocks.
    There are many who could do a better job than I but I am not doing bad with my machine. Been sewing since high school on and off. Check out some of the things I have been making since meeting with you all on this site. I am retired and have the time.
    Neo might be able to vouch for my sewing. Hugh Neo.
    Thanks for any feedback on this you can give me.
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