Ok, after 100000 PMs, & questions on here I finally got my hammock & suspension completed. I managed to stave off the flu (which I am just SURE is coming my way) another day & got to take advantage of the beautiful day we had & headed out to the local state forest. My buddy & I did a 10 mile hike, & early on I found a suitable place to try a test hang. This was a pretty big deal to me, because I have been workin on selling the idea of hammocks to my friend over the past few months, & I wasnt sure how the hammock was going to feel, or if I was going to end up on the ground. I didnt get to spend much time in it, I laid in it for a bit, & it was comfy. I worked around to lay on my side & while it wasnt extraordinarily great, it worked. For the whipping I just folded each side of the hammock into the center line, then repeated that a couple more times, then tied it with an overhand knot. I would like to experiment & try to get a different lie using different methods. I will def need something under my knees, I had no midline to lay across, & I am so big, I am not sure if I would be comfy with one. That said, I am still going to try it. I also wasnt a big fan of the way the hammock edges came up over my body/shoulders... I could almost wrap myself in the hammock... Not sure what I could do to assuage that.

Thanks again to all the help, advice & encouragement from fellow DIYers. I couldnt have asked for a community of ppl as fine as this one. Hopefully I will have my crap together & get to make it to a hangout with some of my own gear this year!