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    Cerberus on AT

    The trail may never be the same. Cerberus and Cannibal are out there together! Zak (dropping Cerberus in hopes of getting a trail name) came home last Sunday night and told me he had changed his plans. Wednesday was his last day at work, and rather wait another week and a half to start, he decided to go this weekend.

    He also decided not to talk Ben Dog, which I'm glad about so I will have company! But I do have 300# of dogfood in my dining room that had been divided out into 1# bags, boxed, and addresses already done for the hike. It's okay - I didn't have anything else to do those 5 nights spent bagging food

    So, I took off work Friday and we headed to the park. We got there mid afternoon and he decided to go ahead and sign the book, making 2/29 his start date. Then he decided to wait for Cannibal, so he had his first zero!

    Day two, he and Cannibal slack hiked the strairs. Day two - nero. One mile!

    We had a great weekend. Lots of laughing, joking and eating. I think they got 5 farewell meals at the lodge!

    More to follow - I'm sure others that were there will chime in. Just wanted to let you know they are on the trail.
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