So, i've been trying out prusik and klemheist tensioners for each side of my tarp's tree lines, and, to save weight i've been using 1.75mm Lash-it for both the line as well as for the prusiks/klemheists I've been trying. I'm aware that this is not optimal.

The main problem is, the prusiks and klemheists jam pretty easily when there is too much tension- unless i'm pulling taught the un-tensioned side of the line passing through the klemheist, the end of the line is pulled and twisted inside the knot, and it jams the knot, and will no longer move up or down the line any more even when not under tension.

I think i've found a work around, by looping the klemheist around more times so that it grips the line even when being pulled backward (5 wraps seems to work on 1.75mm lash-it), under reverse load, the structure of the klemheist actually prevents it from jamming, at least from the testing i've done so far.

So I think i'm going to implement this on my WB BMJ tarp and see how it works out, but before I do, has anyone else tried this or know any reason this wouldn't work, or know of a way to prevent the normal klemheist from jamming?

If not, I'll report back after I try it out in the field (or possibly a park)