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    I have found that those people who bought a WBBB and decided to sell it here waited about 3 hours from posting the FS to having a buyer, even when they sell it for very close to original price. To me, there is a reason why WBBBs go so fast. Drink the Koolaid, man!

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    As olzeke noted, if you bought the blackbird and superfly and did not like them, you could probably sell them easily for about a $10 to $15 loss per item (maybe a little more loss considering shipping). Maybe view this as a $50 risk test of the hammock and fly.

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    If you go with the clark dont get the superfly its too much with the weathershield go with the big mambajamba. Ive got the tx 150 and the wbb 1.1 double. The wbb is more comfortable but not by much and the pockets and removable bug net on the clark are nice. The wbb is cheaper and lighter my set up with tarp and hammock equals the clark by its self

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    Thanks one and all for your input. Man, my one brain cell is over-loaded. At this point, I think I'll just get a $20 hammock and try it on. I just want to get hung. As much as I hate it, I guess I'll just have to pay my dues like every one els. Who would have thought deciding on which camping hammock would be so frustrating. [I]It's all your fault Shug!!![/I] Just kidding. Any hangers in Tucson? Dura

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    I toss and turn as well..... at home.
    But something to think about is when you're in a hammock (at least when I am in my hammock) I don't have the pressure points that I have in my bed so I don't toss and turn. So I don't feel that the type of hammock will be as important to the tossing and turning affect so much as the typ of hammock you like the best. I have slept in four hammocks:

    HH Exp.
    and two DIY hammocks.

    I did not toss and turn in any of them and they all have the bells and whistles.

    So I feel that regardless of the hammock you select, you not have the tossing and turning like you have in a conventional bed.

    good luck on your choice.

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