Hello from Baltimore! I go camping multiple times a year but when on my first overnight backpacking trip in May. I borrowed most of the main gear from friends and had a great time. Now that I know I like to backpack and already count on camping several times a year I have been thinking about hammocking as a light wieght solution for backpacking and a new option for camping ( i have several tents- all too big for backpacking.)

I have been doing a lot of research on making my own hammock because I do not want to spend the money on a manufactured hammock with all the features that I want, and I dont want to waste money or a cheap manufactured hammock that I will not enjoy in the long run.

Things I want in a hammock:

Ability to hold me + my girlfriend (330#)
No See Um mesh
side entry
double layer for ease of use with "blue ccf pad"
simple suspension
rain cover tarp

I have a shopping cart with all materials for about $45 at backwoodsdaydreamer's new site.

One problem is that I cannot sew! I don't own a machine although I could borrow one (maybe) or buy one at good will. Can in burn the edges instead of using a rolled hem? The whipping will be from Jeff's hammock page...