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    Hammock Newbee

    Hey folks,

    I was just reading thru these postings. I got the impression that I want to take a UQ with me all of the time, as opposed to my REI 25" pads (at 5# each!).

    During my last winter campout in December (2' snow in the Cascades), my down sleeping bag got wet from all of the condensation and I got cold. Will this be as much of a factor if I'm hangin'?

    Should I purchase synthetic UQs for the wet weather around here? I have sylbags for my pack. If I was going to buy only one UQ for each of my hammocks, what should I get? I have a Winter Yeti on order with my two WBBBs. Is this going to be too warm for summer use? Should I get synthenic UQs for summer? What about full length vs. shorter?

    What I was thinking was that the winter Yeti could be loosened for summer use, but I couldn't use a summer UQ in really cold/wet weather.

    A kind of related question, can I just use my old synthentic REI bag as an UQ if I attach some rings and bungees to the corners?

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    I'll go through your post a little at a time.

    First, I made that same decision. UQs are much more comfortable, pack smaller, and weigh less than pads.

    Second, your condensation was likely caused by the confines of a tent. Under a tarp, there will be a little less of that, but your biggest concern will be to keep your face out of the sleeping bag so you aren't exhaling into the down.

    Third, if you haven't had a problem keeping your down bag dry (except for that one incident), then you shouldn't have a problem with a down UQ. If you are still concerned, synthetic is fine.

    Fourth, you already have a Winter Yeti on order, and that's the same kind I have. I'm a cold sleeping, and before I learned how to set it up properly, my back would be sweating at 30*. In the Cascades, I would stick with that UQ, and get (or make) a second 3-season UQ.

    Fifth, you should get a synthetic UQ if you are concerned with the damp or the price. For all else, I think down tops synthetic. Of course, this is just your choice.

    Sixth, full length UQs are nice. The Winter Yeti is not, and REQUIRES a pad for your legs. If you are okay carrying a small pad for your legs, go for the shorter one. I will say that I think the full length UQs are more comfortable, and if you want to change diagonals in the middle of the night (as I often do), it's nice to not have to readjust your pad.

    Seventh, yes, you can use an old sleeping bag as a UQ. Using the search function (top bar), I'm sure you can find many links to detailed directions for just that sort of thing.

    Good luck hanging!
    Be like Bob

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