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leaning towards HH explorer deluxe...

reg or hex fly...? I'm thinking hex, will it still fit in the snakeskins? or is the extra size not needed to stay dry, and go with the reg tarp?
I've just received my new HH hex tarp this morning, upgrading the minimalist diamond tarp that came with my Expedition. It was fine as long as the wind wasn't too frisky. The points where the hammock joins the suspension showed some signs of dampness but all dry inside the hammock. The reason I upgraded is for when it gets a bit blowy and the rain comes in sideways. Also that stock tarp offers precious little room if you try and set up a porch mode for cooking etc.

The new hex tarp will give me that extra room and weather protection, if I am carrying everything and the weather looks good I will revert to the standard HH tarp though. I think the new hex tarp will fit in the skins but probably not along with the hammock though - will give it a try.