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    __night owl__

    i have been doing research for about a month, trying to decide which hammock to buy for my winter hangs.
    while reading some diy threads i learned that longer is flatter, so while i was checking all the mfg sites i found
    the Night Owl from Wilderness Logics. 11'x58" dl1.5 ripstop 350# limit and a cool draw cord at the head and
    foot that emulates a foot box.
    that's what i would have tried to make for myself if i had the equipment so i ordered one, and it arrived mon.
    i hastily strapped it between the two closest trees and checked it out.. the 6' huggers and whoopies that came
    with are very well made. i looped it over my toggles and slowly climbed in (i'm used to a hammock with tie-outs)
    fortunately i didn't flip out onto my head. i cinched up the the draw cords for the foot and head and i was amazed
    how flat i could get. without tie-outs on the side i was able to sway more freely, which i really enjoyed. i layed there
    for 45ish minutes before i made myself get up. i left the the draw cords cinched when i got out of the Night Owl which
    made the sides taller and more like what i'm accustomed to seeing with my other hammock.
    i flipped it over to empty some grass clippings that had fallen off my socks and that reversed the lay to a "feet left" rather
    than my usual "feet right" so i had to try that out too. (pretty cool)
    before i packed it up i loosened one of the draw cords and it made a really comfortable lounge chair.
    last i hung my UQ to see how it fit on the longer hammock and it was a perfect fit.
    i think i'm gonna have WL make me a bug net so i can use it this summer too.
    A+ quality, excellent service, made in the USA... i'm hooked!
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