Well, this isn't my first post but it's close enough. I've been hiking and backpacking for 25 years with most of it in WV although I've been to VA, MD,PA, NC, TN, KY & NH. I transitioned several years ago from a traditional tent to a floorless tipi style shelter.

I first ran onto hammock camping when I read an article back in the 90's sometime by a fellow named Peter Nyberg on using a hammock and tarp. I followed his example and got a Kelty Noah's Tarp and a Mayan style hammock from Hangouts. I tried it out on a dayhike and liked it. About that same time Hennesey started up and I bought one of their early hammocks and again tried it on a day hike. Still good. Unfortunately, at that point I was getting into tipis and with limited time I ended up selling my hammocks and tarp. Now I'm ready to transition on to hammocks at least for 3 season use. I'm seriously looking at the hammocks from Tree to Tree Trail gear and would like to purchase something soon.

Funny thing is that in all my time in the outdoors I don't believe I've ever seen a hammock camper. Well, I'll have to change that. Looking forward to the conversations.