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    mont-bell UL thermawrap pants

    just got the thermawrap pants!!! there great! as good or better than expected!
    i believe they have a little more loft than i expected. it`s still not a lot, but it not intended to be. maybe 3/8"? probably as thick or thicker than a heavy fleece, but much lighter & way more compact.
    the zippers work great. they haven`t snagged a single time yet.
    when the zippers are zipped shut, it just looks like a seam.
    the XL pants weigh 11 & 3/4 ozs (12 & 1/4 ozs w/ the included stuff sack).
    my L patagonia capilene bottoms weigh 7 & 1/2 ozs.
    though i haven`t worn the new pants out yet, i suspect there`s no comparison in warmth.\ & ventabillity.
    then there`s the fact that i`ve needed to put on my long johns long before i did so many times, but didn`t because i had to take off the regular pants.
    same thing w/ the hassle of undressing to take the long johns off as i start getting warm next morn.
    this pant will be part of my clothing/sleep system fall through spring!
    see more pictures in accessory gallery.
    i`m excited!!!
    i think i`m in love!!!:~} ...tim
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