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Hi there.
I like the price of the Hennessy and the fact they come with tarps. However everyone seems to speak very highly of the WBBB.
The stock tarp is just enough to keep you covered in the hammock. If you want to get out and stretch/relax/cook during a storm and still be covered you're screwed.

I am curious about the shelf in the Blackbird. How useful is it? I know you cannot put your pack there but how much weight are you able to get up there without affecting your sleep?
I've only been in one to try it out but it doesn't seem like you'd be able to put a lot on the shelf. Maybe some clothes. I find it easy to just put some tyvek on the ground and leave my pack under me.

Anyone with a WBBB or Hennessy how compact can you pack up your hammock and tarp? A rough estimate of the volume it takes up in your pack?
Wish I had a volume size but I can't find one for my pack. However, in the bottom section of my Deuter I can carry my hammock, underquilt, top quilt, and the bag with all my stakes/Figure 9s/etc.

Take a look at the Switchback or the Light Hiker. Both are very comfortable.