Hennessy is having Odds & End Sale for anyone who is interested.

Here's the stuff. List was sent by email . . .

Odds and Ends Sale - Demos, Factory 2nds, Prototypes, Mix and Match

March 1, 2008

All items carry our 1 year guarantee against defects in material and
workmanship (http://www.hennessyhammocks.com/customer-service.htm).
All hammocks are new (prototype or mix and match unless labeled as "demo"
or "2nd".

All items are in Canada. Shipping from Canada will be Expedited Parcel
free of charge in North America. Faster shipping may be available for a
fee. Shipping to addresses outside of North America is available for a $50
fee and will be sent by International Xpress Post when available.

Original, Expedition 2.5, Cocoon, Scout
Before there were choices to make about models, there was just the
Hennessy Hammock. This morphed into the Cocoon and Expedition 2.5.These
models got us started and are similar to the current Scout model which is
still made and sold today.

The rain fly and hammock are symmetrical & diamond shaped(unless otherwise

[$59] F80 Cocoon New

Expedition A-sym
Our most popular model. This hammock can take persons up to 250lb and 6ft
It weighs 2lb 10oz and has a 30% larger rain fly than the Expedition 2.5

[$89] F10 Demo hunter green
[$89] F11 Demo hunter green

Ultralight Backpacker A-sym
Lighter weight version of the Expedition Asym. All ultralight backpackers
come with free # 2 snakeskins.

[$139] A23 - Demo
[$139] A24 - Demo
[$139] A25 - Demo
[$139] A26 - Demo
[$129] 0281 - Mix & Match 2nd - stain on fabric Tan bottom, brown fly
[$139] S28 - demo
[$129] M22 - 2nd, irregular bar tack
[$139] 030 - demo
[$139] 021 - demo
[$139] 032 - demo
[$149] 071 - demo - perfect
[$129] S29 - demo brown bottom, blue fly yellow trim
[$129] O200 - 2nd demo - small hole repaired with silicone
[$139] F30 - demo
[$139] F31 - demo

Explorer Ultralight A-sym
The Explorer models are a full foot longer than the Expedition Asym and
Ultralight Backpacker Asym hammocks. The Deluxe can take up to 250lbs and
weighs 2lb 7oz

[$169] F40 - 2nd, needle holes on binding
[$169] F41 - 2nd, discoloration of fabric
[$169] F42 - 2nd, discolored fabric

Supershelter #1
[$99 ] F70 - 2nd, air bubbles throughout pad
[$79 ] F71 - Demo, 2nd, glue repair to pad, sewing flaw in undercover
[$99 ] F73 - 2nd, glue repairs to pad
[$89 ] F74 - 2nd, scratched to underpad, sewing flaws in undercover
[$109] F75 - demo
[$99 ] F76 - 2nd, air bubbles throughout pad

Supershelter #2
[$109] F50 - 2nd, glue repairs to pad
[$89 ] F51 - 2nd, U-shaped tear 3" long repaired, sewing flaw in undercover
[$99 ] F52 - 2nd, multiple glue repairs to pad

Supershelter #3 - Hyperlite Backpacker only!
[$79 ] F90 - 2nd, sewing repair to undercover, glue repair to underpad

Hyperlite Backpacker

[$179] O42 - Demo
[$179] O41 - Demo
[$169] F01 - Demo 4"x2" repair in mesh

Adventure racer
[$129] O80 - demo, 2nd 2 x 1" patches on hammock

Rainfly Demos
[$39.95] O01 PU coated Poly Hex Fly(70 D poly ripstop)
[$39.95] O02 PU coated Poly Hex Fly(70 D poly ripstop)
[$39.95] O03 PU coated Poly Hex Fly(70 D poly ripstop)
[$89.95] 010 Silnylon Hex Fly(30 D nylon ripstop)

Loungers - we have been receiving a lot of requests for hammocks without
nets - great for lounging in the back yard, in-house use(for people who
sleep better in their backpacking Hennessy than in their expensive bed at
home and want to hang one in their rec room or basement), and even cave
exploration. We decided to include some in our odds'n'ends sale and see
what happens!

[$89] - Regular , Expedition Asym without the mesh - color hunter green,
210 D nylon with PU coated 70D poly ripstop rainfly, includes webbing
straps and
carrying bag

[$119] - Large, Explorer Deluxe without the mesh, color coyote brown,
200D oxford
nylon body with PU coated 70 D ripstop poly rainfly, includes webbing
straps and
carrying bag.

[$80] - X-large - Safari Deluxe without the mesh, color forest green, 200 D
nylon with PU coated 70 D poly ripstop hex (double-sized) rainfly($139
with hex rainfly),
includes webbing straps and carrying bag