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    I think: a continuous ridgeline cord will add to the wind worthiness of your tarp.
    with a flat ridgeline tarp, a CRL cord under the ridge will help support the whole structure.
    with a cat curve ridgeline, a CRL cord is prolly unnecessary. although the use of one couldnt hurt, you just have to let it sag a little if you tie off the ridge first and the corners second.
    this depends on the depth of the catenary cut, and the angle of the side cat cuts.
    my opinion? i prefer a straight cut ridgeline and a full cord running under it, and side panel pullout (tieouts) for a variety of pitches, like you would find over more than one hammock. also, zing it or lash it works fine. amsteel is a bit much...

    p.s. i use prusik knots like many others on the main ridge line to easily adjust the tarp. its very quick to pitch in this manner.
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    I use the continuous ridgeline for several reasons -

    -It helps support my rectangular tarp
    -It serves as a place to hang up lightweight items like socks to dry
    -In my opinion it makes it easier to flip one side of the tarp over the other to open everything up on nice nights
    -I use a Hammock Bliss bug sock. Instead of using the stock cord to tie it up and out, I just use some soft shackles on my tarp ridgeline to pull it up if I want the net way out of my face.
    -I think the continuous ridgeline makes adjusting my tarp very easy

    My ridgeline is 40' of 2.2mm Zing-It built like a setup with a knot bone at one end and a figure 9 on a prusik on the other end. My advice would be to start with a continuous ridgeline and if you hate it you can cut in in half and put one on each end of the tarp.
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    I like the CRL because it gives me a nice edge on the tarp and adds a little structure. It makes a great place to hang things from if I'm on an extended trip too. I also added the hook and flyz setup from Dutch. I haven't noticed any wear on my tarp but with the Dutch gear I had to switch from the Z-packs 1.25mm line to something a little stronger because of some wear issues.
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