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    Your Winter Campout Setup?

    With the date of the winter campout fast approaching I thought it would be fun and educational to some (me included) to know what kind of hammock, tarp, sleeping bags, quilts, pad(s) and insulation that you will be using on the campout.

    1. This does not include any gear that you are bringing for others to use, only the gear you yourself will be using.

    2. We don't really know what the weather is going to be like so be sure to give temperature range you are shooting for and any other gear you would add in extreme cold.

    3. I know some people who want to come won't be able to make it, so if you WERE coming to the campout what would you bring?

    My Setup (for temps down to 20 degrees):

    Hennessy Hammock ULBA

    Gear Guide 9x9

    Outside Insulation:
    UL JRB Nest
    UL JRB No Sniveller (also as underquilt)*
    DIY Top Cover

    Inside Insulation:
    Western Mountaineering Apache SMF 15 degree sleeping bag
    WalMart Blue CCF Pad*
    1/8" Ultralight CCF pad (3/4 length)*

    * denotes items that would be used for temps lower that 20 degrees

    I will probably wear some mid-weight poly/wool thermals, fleece socks and a fleece cap, adding extra thermals or a fleece pullover if needed. I can't sleep well with tons of clothes on; it bothers me. I will probably start with the bare minimum and add items as needed.
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