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    Quilts rule!
    For temps into the 20's (I've not had a chance to test this system, so I don't know how low I could actually go):

    HH Explorer Asym
    MacCat DeLuxe Tarp

    JRB Nest as Underquilt
    Homemade Gray Ghost as Underquilt
    JRB Weathershield

    20 degree Kelty mummy bag as quilt
    CCF pad (if needed)

    Clothing That I Would Wear
    Polypro Long johns
    Wool Socks
    Grandma Hat
    Fleece Pants and Sweater (if needed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michele View Post
    Not to hi-jack this thread, but how would your lists change if you were having to carry all of this on a long distance hike where you might encounter single-digit temps but you had to take your weight into consideration?

    If you decide to list your gear again for my question, I think it would be cool to quote your original post and then list your gear changes in your new post, so it's easy to compare....just a thought.
    The list I posted is what I am planning on starting out with in March. I made it down to 15 with that in my HH last year. Adding the sock should buy me 10 degrees or so.

    I still want to play around with my pad setup. I am thinking about trying a torso pad only and a sit pad that I can put under my feet or butt as needed. I usually use my cloths stuff sack under my knees so they are not resting on the bottom of the hammock. I could always add my pack if needed.
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    If it came to keeping warm in single digit temps, the weight of the gear would come second. I would be more that willing to carry a few more pounds if I knew it was going to keep me warm so that I could get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to hike. I good nights sleep will probably be golden on such a long hike.

    To answer your question Michelle, I'm pretty sure my listed setup would be fine down to 10 degrees. I don't really know how my top cover is going to perform, but I am hoping for at least 8-10 extra degrees of protection. Here's what I listed:
    Hennessy Hammock ULBA

    Gear Guide 9x9

    Outside Insulation:
    UL JRB Nest
    UL JRB No Sniveller (also as underquilt)*
    DIY Top Cover

    Inside Insulation:
    Western Mountaineering Apache SMF 15 degree sleeping bag
    WalMart Blue CCF Pad*
    1/8" Ultralight CCF pad (3/4 length)*

    * denotes items that would be used for temps lower that 20 degrees

    I will probably wear some mid-weight poly/wool thermals, fleece socks and a fleece cap, adding extra thermals or a fleece pullover if needed. I can't sleep well with tons of clothes on; it bothers me. I will probably start with the bare minimum and add items as needed.
    I'm a pretty warm sleeper but if I were expecting single digit temps I would add clothing first and I would also add a fleece sleeping bag inside my WM bag. Extra gear for single digit nights could be included in your bounce box if you didn't want to carry it all the time.

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