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    WTB: buckles for strap suspension

    I'm looking to buy a set of buckles for a 1 inch strap hammock suspension (both ends of the hammock, please!).

    I'm thinking someone has gotten a set with a Blackbird and swapped out the strap buckles for Whoopie Slings. If so, I'll pay a "reasonable" price for a set of these buckles.

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    beep - Through owning and borrowing I've now used a number of cinch buckle type systems and the ones available from OnRope1 are far and away the best. Don't even need a slippery half hitch to back it up.

    Only $3 each and they'll charge you actual USPS shipping cost as long as you request it in the comments section of the order (otherwise their UPS price is high for such a low price item).

    From their web site:

    An all metal 1" cinch buckle to use with heavier and stiff webbing. Rated for life support.

    A great hammock cinch!

    If you order a small quantity of these (8 or less), the checkout will still process at a 1 pound minimum for UPS. We will ship via USPS flat rate if you make that request in the 'Gift Comment" portion of the order process. We will charge you for the cost of shipping and handling USPS only, not what is on the online order. Payments are not processed automatically.
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