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1st side is nearly complete, lashit installed, nest of strings removed, now to install anti-tangle loops.

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Def following this one. I wanna see your results dirtwheels, cause if it works, it sounds like a nice solution to a few of the problems in the stock suspension... Pics would be great too... Thanks all...
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Personally, I just can't see spending any time or money pimping a $20 hammock. I'll bet the Lash-It mods, carabiner and ring will cost more than the hammock. It's like pimping a Ford Pinto - no matter what you do to it, it's still gonna be a Pinto.

I've never gotten the stock suspension wet - it's never outside the tarp to find out how much water it holds. My solution to a soggy suspension would be a bigger tarp - don't let the suspension get wet in the first place.