Hi, I am pretty new here but thought I might as well voice one thing I didn't like or wished you had... a gear list forum.

I am new to Hammock Camping and have been getting a ton of information here all about my hammock gear but there is little to no place for info on all the other gear.

I know other forums and websites have fantastic gear lists but... I really hate having to keep going back and forth on different websites to find the information I should be able to get right here.

The other sites are almost all dedicated to lightweight backpacking have a few "Hammock lists."

I want to know what the hammocker's are carrying. I want to compare full gear lists including different hammocks, suspensions, tarps, toothbrushes, colored toilet paper, food lists from steaks to natural vegitation...

And most importantly all from a hammockers view.

I did a search for "Gear List" guess what I got....